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63,180 lbs of hair clippings, 42,122 lbs of hair colour, 109,512 lbs of foil and colour tubes, and 206, 392lbs of wastepaper, salon bottles, and other paper and plastic items – that’s the amount of waste being tossed out by hair salons across North America EVERY SINGLE DAY; that’s a whopping total of 421,206 lbs!

As a newly Green Circle Certified Salon, we are proud to announce that NOVAK is now part of a comprehensive recycling and sustainability program that sets out to significantly reduce our industry’s environmental impact on the planet.

A Family name lives on with a Family Legacy.

Founder of Novak Hair Studios, Benjamin Novak Hudgins was named after a man who lived his life with a deep purpose of respecting nature and the life of abundance it gives to our planet. Novak Bullard, was known as “The Honey Man”, VP of the Oklahoma Bee Association and to a select lucky few, Grandpa. Novak adopted a vision of respect for the precious gifts we have been given on this planet as a young boy and that passion drove him to a long healthy life of serving for a greater cause. Saving the bees was never at the top of his mind but he knew that his passion had purpose and he knew his life purpose was to share that knowledge. It didn't take Novak long to open his eyes and realize in a time where few others would have thought twice, that the pesticides and other factors we were applying to our food supply was detrimental to the survival of pollinators such as the honey bee, and thus the survival of human kind.

Novak wasn't just a bee man but he was a bee whisperer. He took the time to understand what they were doing and why. He was gentle with the bees and was always humble for the work they where doing for us. This way of thinking lead him to inventing a lot of methods and tools still used widely in Bee Keeping and Bee Education even today.

Novak had one core principle, have compassion and love the gifts that we are given on this earth.

Sadly today a lot of the predictions that Novak made about the decline of bees survival have been proven to be true. The daunting fact is that bees have declined by 44% from 2015-2016, according to the preliminary results of the annual nationwide survey.

Novak Hair Studios is committed to a legacy of a humble man and doing what we can in both saving the bees and working towards a more sustainable future.

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