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The Story of Novak

Novak Hair Studios is Fort Worth’s first zero-waste salon and one of the largest in the nation. Founded with a mission to revitalize the industry through luxury amenities for clients and artists, Green Circle Certified sustainability initiatives and unparalleled customer experiences, Novak is leader in the beauty industry. The first of its kind — Novak Downtown Fort Worth houses more than 80 Luxury Solo Artists® within the walls of their 10,000 square-foot studio concept salon and Novak Burleson features 20+ Luxury Solo Artists® in its state of the art open station concept salon.

Guided by a desire to cultivate an environmentally-conscious brand that offers an enhanced salon experience for both clients and stylists, Founder Benjamin Novak Hudgins launched Novak Hair Studios in 2018 with a vision to create an ethical brand and business model that would serve as a foundation for other beauty industry professionals who are committed to saving the earth.

Through Ben’s alignment with partners like Green Circle and his husband Justin Hudgins’ strategic architectural design , Novak reduces 95% of waste traditionally sent to landfills by salons across the nation. In the U.S. alone, the salon industry produces more than 205 tons of waste per day. From the use of hair clippings to clean up oil spills in the ocean and programs to recycle hair foil to the integration of state-of-the-art air filtration systems and LED lighting, each thoughtfully composed element of Novak Hair Studios is integral in changing industry patterns and reducing the salon’s carbon footprint.

As important as conservation and revitalization of the environment is to the founders of Novak, it wasn’t the driving force behind what led principle founder Ben Hudgins to launch his first salon concept.. Instead, Bens “why” came from his more than two decades of experience as a stylist. He sought to ease the confusion and distraction that is plaguing the beauty industry that he has devoted his life and passion toward growing.. Novak is a series of solutions designed to solve problems that hurt the salon experience, for both the salon guest and its service providers. Ben believes that if we continue to stay distracted by the corporate run culture that holds the beauty industry, everyone will suffer. Guests visiting a salon won’t get the attention to details they deserve; service providers won’t have the much needed balance within their work life/ home life; and the families of the service providers won’t have their loved ones around due to health reasons or for lack of balance. Novak has proven that the people who have built the industry are ready to take back control and celebrate the mission and core principle that “We Are Better Together”.

Novak Hair Studios is making waves in the traditional solo-structure salon industry. While each stylist remains independent, Novak Luxury Solo Artists® join a team of professionals — receiving the same benefits of community, operations, and amenities of a luxury resort salon. Luxury Solo Artists® are selected to lease their studio and become a part of an uplifting team of talent while pushing industry trends and challenging the status quo side-by-side their fellow stylists. It’s the combination of these systems and protocols that have made Novak stylists some of the most relatable in the local communities they serve.

Novak Hair Studios was inspired by Hudgins’ deep-rooted relationship with his grandfather Novak Bullard. Bullard served as Vice President of the Oklahoma Bee Association, where he earned the nickname “The Honey Man.” Novak Bullard dedicated his life to the preservation and growth of the bee population. A portion of Novak Hair Studios’ proceeds goes to the Honeybee Conservancy, in honor of The Honey Man’s legacy.


the story behind our name

Novak Hair Studios Founder, Benjamin Novak Hudgins, was named after a man who lived his life with the deep purpose of respecting nature and celebrating the life of abundance it gives to our planet. Novak Bullard was known as “The Honey Man” and served as the Vice President of the Oklahoma Bee Association and to a select lucky few held the title of Grandpa. Novak adopted a vision of respect for the precious gifts we have been given on this planet as a young boy and that passion carried him throughout his long and healthy life to serve a greater cause. Saving the bees was never at the top of his mind, but he knew that his passion had a purpose and he knew his life’s work would be to share that knowledge. It didn’t take long for Novak Bullard to open his eyes and realize, in a time where few others would have thought twice, that the pesticides and other factors we were applying to our food supply were detrimental to the survival of pollinators such as the honey bee — thus the survival of humankind.

Novak wasn’t just a bee man, but by many considered a bee whisperer. He took the time to understand what they were doing and why. He was gentle with these small, but might beings and was always humbled by the work they were doing that directly benefited us. This way of thinking led him to invent a number of methods and tools that are still used widely in Bee Keeping and Bee Education today.

Novak had one core principle: ‘Have compassion and love the gifts that we are given on this earth.”

Sadly, today many of the predictions that Novak made about the decline of bees survival have been proven true. The daunting fact is that more than 90% of the population of pollinators including wild bees and monarch butterflies have declined during the past two decades.

Novak Hair Studios is committed to the legacy of its namesake — a humble man saving the bees and working towards a more sustainable future. That is why, beyond our internal sustainable efforts, we donate a portion of profits to organizations dedicated to saving the bees.

What factors are contributing to our declining bee population?

Pollinator decline is a big and complicated problem. But, by no means unsolvable. Since a large part of the decline of bees is being caused by human actions ? pesticide use, urbanization, and more ? it can be reversed by humans too. Urbanization changes the way we live and adds to an increased use of herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides which have all contributed to major negative effects on the bee population.

What Can you Do to Help Reverse the Trend?

Here are five easy and effective ways you can do your part to help keep bee populations in our area healthy:

Provide a honey bee-friendly habitat in your yard or other outdoor spaces.

In a cement-paved, highway-crossed, skyscraper-filled urban environment, the food sources that are necessary for bees’ survival including nectar from certain, native flowers, are too few and far between.

Providing an abundance of bee-attractive blooms concentrated in a small location, like a portion of your yard, can help. This will create dense foliage that lets honey bees build up food reserves for rainy weather and winter survival.

Eat bee-friendly.

Much of our food is grown in a way that relies heavily on the usage of pesticides, which can be highly toxic for bees. The less food that is produced using pesticides, the fewer bees will be exposed to these harmful chemicals. Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides and purchasing honey supports bee populations in managed hives —especially when it’s local.

Avoid the use of insecticides on your lawn.

If you must use one, read the label to see if it’s toxic to bees before purchasing. Limit the use of herbicides, which are not directly toxic to bees, but kill the flowering “weeds” bees need for food.

Don’t kill bees. Just walk away.

With so many factors working against their numbers, bee populations need all the help they can get. A couple of mating pairs in an area could make the difference between an eventually healthy bee population or none at all. Model bee-friendly behavior for children and peers. When you see a child or peer kill or harm a bee, gently call them out on it.


Organizations like HoneyBeeConservancy.org are great ways to financially contribute to help reverse the decline of bees. One of the ways you can contribution to help the save the bees and makes a big impact on small communities, is to support the adopt a hive program that puts hives in small community gardens, teaches people how to tend the hives, and provides the needed fresh fruits and vegetables the bees help grow on the tables of underprivileged families.

Green Salon

63,180 lbs of hair clippings, 42,122 lbs of hair colour, 109,512 lbs of foil and colour tubes, and 206, 392lbs of wastepaper, salon bottles, and other paper and plastic items – that’s the amount of waste being tossed out by hair salons across North America EVERY SINGLE DAY; that’s a whopping total of 421,206 lbs!

As a newly Green Circle Certified Salon, we are proud to announce that NOVAK is now part of a comprehensive recycling and sustainability program that sets out to significantly reduce our industry’s environmental impact on the planet.